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There are two bands called Select Start. One is a power pop band, made up of six boys from Tampa, Florida. The band consists of Joe (25, guitar, vocals), Adam (25, bass), Jason (19, guitar) Matt (24, sequencing, synth, vocals) and Patrick (22, drums). They are currently unsigned. They recently released a new album called "<3," which can be purchased on itunes or As of January 16th, 2010, Select Start released a new ep entitled "You Love It. You Hate It. You Want It.", with a ex Stages and Stereos lead singer Daniel Lancaster, as the new singer. Daniel and Joe now share vocal duties. The other is a videogame arangement band, with a very particular orchestral arranging style. Select Start ( ) is the fusion of six musicians based in Gainesville, Florida, who combine their mutual love for video games, music, and their instruments (two violins, a cello, guitar, piano, and flute) to create a musical experience and sound unique to the video game music world. First formed in September 2002 in a small college apartment, Select Start premiered the following summer in a well-received open mic performance at The Shamrock, a local Gainesville bar. The show featured pieces from Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy 4, and Bubble Bobble. Since then, Select Start's repertoire has grown to over fifty arrangements, and they have performed in dozens of venues from libraries to bars to anime and video game conventions. Along the way, Select Start has garnered fans from all over the world. The band's first convention performance, a spectacular concert at JaCon 2003 in Orlando, established them as a true premier convention act in the Southeastern anime and video gaming community. Select Start, always dedicated to promoting amazing video game music to the world, has been featured in various newspapers and radio shows including the Alligator, the Gainesville Sun, National Public Radio, and Hyphen Magazine. They released their debut album free for download through their website in Early 2009 ( ) while they are working on new material.

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