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Sense biography

Sense is a name of at least name three acts: 1) A pseudonym of Adam Raisbeck (b. 25 Jun 1974, Melbourne, Australia). Since establishing himself as Soulenoid (early in 1995), he performed numerous times, in Melbourne (Club Filter, Global Warming and the Punters Club), as well as larger one-off parties, such as: the Omniglobe raves, Technofest, Big Day Out, Be Strange and Earthcore. He has also supported international stars, including: Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Aphex Twin, Biochip C., Cylob and the On-U Sound posse. Raisbeck's earlier work veers across a range of contemporary electronic flavours. His older recordings of freestyle techno captures the spirit of his own development over the years, as well as the style of contemporaries like Zen Paradox, Voiteck and Robert Hood. Later on recording for and releasing music through, idm and ambient electronica labels, including: Merck, Neoouija and U-cover. Sites: SoundCloud, BandCamp and WordPress (blog) 2) A Finnish piano ballad solo project. 3) A progressive rock band from French-speaking Canada is also called Sense. They have released four albums: "Madness" (2002), "Out of Range" (2004), "Stone in the Sky" (2005 - mainly live + studio tracks) and "Going Home" (2007). As well as '70s prog' outfits (like Yes, Gentle Giant and Focus), Sense may also be reminiscent of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. They are currently attached to Ozéta Productions.

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