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Sentimiento Muerto was a rock band formed in the Venezuelan city of Caracas in 1983. With a long history and several published discs, Sentimiento Muerto is regarded as one of the most popular and influential bands in the Venezuelan rock music scene. Their legacy has resulted in numerous tributes and reissues of their records. Some members were occasionally met to play old songs of the band, although these presentations have opted for using the name of El Último Sentimiento. Few bands have had such an important influence on the Venezuelan rock music movement as Sentimiento Muerto; It was the first band with a group of hardcore followers (groupies), the first to have a coherent approach both musically and image and marketing. Typical disagreements and differences of style and direction that would take the band, coupled with the lack of support from their label, led to the split of the band. Pablo Dagnino began a solo career in 1996 and early 2000 the group Pixel; Wincho went to study in the United States, on his return has participated as bassist in other groups (including Sur Carabela); Cayayo, Sebastián Araujo and Héctor Castillo formed the band Dermis Tatú, recording an album in Argentina. Cayayo Troconis, one of the most revered guitarists in Venezuela, died on November 17, 1999, shortly after turning 31, of respiratory failure. Group Members Last Formation: Vocals: Pablo Dagnino Guitar: Carlos "Cayayo" Troconis Bass: Héctor Castillo Drums: Sebastián Araujo. Ex-Members: Guitar: Edgar Jiménez (Early 80's to 1987) Bass: Wincho Schaeffer (Early 80's to 1990) Drums: Alberto Cabello (Early 80's to 1988) Guitar: José Echezuría "Pinguino" (1987-1992). Discography: 1. El Amor Ya No Existe (1987) 2. Sin Sombra No Hay Luz (1989) 3. Infecto De Afecto (1991) 4. Fin Del Cuento 1981-1993 (1993) 5. Aunque Usted No Lo Quiera (1996)

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