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Sera biography

Sera has been performing live for several years, polishing up her performance and developing her style. Writing songs at the early age of 11 and recording demos at the age of 14 for school mates, Sera has had many years of varying styles and musical development to reach where she is now! Live, Sera has a very strong and emotive voice which could, if necessary, reach the back of a theatre without amplification. Using the body of her guitar like a drum, Sera accompanies her melodies with punctuating percussive rhythms. Choosing to promote herself through her website, Sera has recorded an album and more recently an E.P too. Her debut album entitled 'Wailing Hippie' and released in 2004, was a reflection of her time on the street busking. However shortly before Sera was due to go into the studio, her father died of cancer. This actually led to Sera losing her voice through emotional stress; for 3 months. So sera had no choice but to postpone recording the vocals, till her voice returned. When it did though, she wrote 'Way of Life'. After playing the song to her producer Tim Hammel of Sonic-One studios, he insisted she record it and put it on the album! The E.P entitled 'Extended Play' was a recent personal project Sera did, which she engineered and co-produced with Chris Meek in DACE Studio's in Swansea. After performing in festivals and gigging all over the country, Sera has been contacted via her website by many people all over the world, supported bands like Seize the Day and been offered contracts by local producers. With growing popularity in the grassroots of Britain, she demonstrates it is possible to promote yourself independently. Having a strong admiration for musicians like Ani Difranco, Woody Guthrie and Rory Mcleod. Sera aspires to promote herself independently inpired by these artists.....

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