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There are 2 profiles with streamable tracks for this artist. Sérgio Reis and Sergio Reis The streamable tracks and albums are a bit different for each profile. Sérgio Reis is the artistic name of Sérgio Basini born in (São Paulo, Brazil on June 23, 1940). He is a Brazilian sertaneja(country) singer, famous for his diversified repertoir. He was previously connected with jovem guarda, the pop rock movement in Brazil in the mid to late 60s. — Back then he had hits like "Coração de Papel". — He recorded his first disk of sertaneja music "Menino da Gaita" in 1972. After that more hits followed: "Menino da Porteira", "Adeus Mariana", "Disco Voador", "Panela Velha", "Filho Adotivo", "Pinga ni Mim" and various other songs. As an actor he played parts in various television series as Pantanal e A História de Ana Raio, and Zé Trovão, aired on the defunct TV Manchete, and O Rei Do Gado(in English: the cattle king) on Rede Globo which is the biggest television network in Brazil. He is currently on the air in the TV series Bicho do Mato(English: bushman, literally creature or animal of the bush) on the network Rede Record.

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