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S.e.x.appeal biography

To avoid a long standing lawsuit about the label 'E-Rotic' Lyane Leigh established S.E.X. Appeal. After Raz-Ma-Taz, Gino Gillian (aged 31) from Singapore became her partner. He had been successful in the whole of Asia as a first class singer and entertainer e.g. in the mega shows of Julio Iglesias, Viktor Lazlo and even in one of Frank Sinatra! The first S.E.X.Appeal single "Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi" was released in 1996. This song was first presented in the Disco Club 'Fun' in München (Germany). During this very dynamic song (150 BPM) Lyane and Richard performed avery sexy dance. Lyane had an opened jacket and small bra. During this 40 mins concert they also presented a Trance track Come On Baby and remake of George Michael's I Want Your Sex. First concerts in live of the 'new'group took place in April 1996. S.E.X. Appeal did a comeback in 2007 by releasing the album "Sensuality". Several singles were taken from it: "Voodoo Queen", "Fragile Love", "Love 2 Love" and "Poison Called Love". In 2013 was recorded their album "Russian Roulette".

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