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Sha-na biography

In 1992, the Flemish duo Sha-Na (Shanna & Natasha) had a big hit with "Fernando" (A translated ABBA cover). The group consisted of Marva Nielsen & Natasha Heylen. Shortly after they participated to the Flemish Eurosong, Natasha quit the duo and was replaced by Petra Lerutte. After some successfull singles in their new "band", Marva also left the band. She was replaced by Claudia Caluwé. In June 1998 Petra had to leave the band because she cut her hair without permission of her record label. Her place was taken by Nathalie Lobué. Claudia & Nathalie stayed together for a long time. They had a few hits, but after their own version of ABBA's 'Does your mother know'? there came an end to Sha-Na. The single didn't have any success and Sha-Na died in silence. In 2007 Sha-Na came back, this time as a trio: Kim Ghyselinck, Eva Vandewalle & Kim Jacobs. Their biggest hits were 'Eviva España', 'Ik geef me helemaal', 'Ademloos',...

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