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Shlomo Gronich, born on Jan. 21st 1949 in Hadera Israel is one of the most creative among Israeli musicians, songwriters. First album (1971) "Why haven't you told me" or as it was nicknamed 'Gronich's black album' - reflecting both its dark sleeve and the dark atmosphere - was an important milestone in Israeli songwriting. It brought a revolutionary approach to any material it included, the arrangements, the interpretation and the materials themselves. One of the tracks 'Avinu Malkenu', 'Our Father in Heaven' being a Jewish praier that recieved a very unconventional interpretation, going from dramatic to bizzare. At that stage Gronich defined a style that sounded like nothing familiar until then, and it remained his distinctive style. During the 70's Gronich collaborated with another original and most creative Israeli musician, Matti Caspi. Together they created and performed on stages with their show called "Behind the sounds" bringing fresh and unconventional compositions and arrangements to original materials. During last years Gronich shared his time between composig music for theater, cinema, classical orchestras and work with Sheba Children's choir. All members of the choir are black children from the Ethiopian diasphora, together bringing a unique sound combining Gronich's originality in composition and the flavors of Africa.

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