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Shulman biography

The Shulman project, comprised of Yaniv Shulman and later joined by Omri Harpaz , is considered one of the leading groups in the psychedelic chill out and ambient scene and have performed live in large festivals all around the world. Shulman's music is filled with evolving organic layers backed by rich harmonies. With three albums under their belts, the guys are busy working on several new projects at the moment. Shulman represents true innovation of psychedelic ambient and is known for breaking borders and morphing new sounds. The duo's debut album, "Soundscapes and Modern Tales", released in February 2002 by Shaffel records, received excellent reviews and world-wide acclaim. It is now world famous for the unique moods it creates, audio-visual alchemy, and storytelling. Their second Shulman album, “In Search of a Meaningful Moment" released in December 2003 by Aleph Zero, became an instant classic. It has received excellent reviews, has expanded Shulman's audience fan base, and has contributed to the establishing of Shulman as a leading group in the electronic music scene. Shulman’s third album entitled “Random Thoughts” released on Aleph Zero records is a special and different experience. As the title hints, it contains different compositions in different tones that accumulated in Shulman's studio independently of any specific album project. Random Thoughts represents diverse and faraway corners of the Shulman mindscape, new sounds, interpretations and sonic surprises, as Shulman stretch the limits of their musical universe of to new and exciting soundscapes. Shulman has collaborated with many artists including world music giants Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan, Bluetech, Ishq, Lee Triffon and many others. In addition Shulman remixed tracks by Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Steve Shehan, Sub6 & Michele Adamson, and Entheogenic. Shulman’s tracks were remixed by famous artists such as Bluetech, Ishq, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Anahata and others. Shulman's live show offers a unique musical experience. The show is comprised of a complex fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments and music, of cutting edge musical technologies and traditional instruments playing, of electronic musical structures and World, Rock, Jazz, Reggae genres and more. The live show is usually played by five talented players: Dani Shnaiderman on electric bass, Yonatan Raviv on drums and Yakir Ben-Tov on keyboards. Yaniv and Omri are in charge of the computers and synthesis machines. All the material has been rearranged to interestingly fuse and combine both the acoustic and electronic musical worlds. The outcome is an amazing and very musical journey through sound, space, and groove.

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