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There is more than one artist on named Sic. 1. SIC were a post-punk band from the industrial city of Charleroi in the francophone part of Belgium. They were formed by Francis Pourcel, Alain Neffe (Bene Gesserit), Micheline Dufert, and Mario Berchicci in 1977. Francis and Alain had previously played with Krautrock band Kosmose in the mid 70s. In 1978 Alain left the group to launch the cassette label Insane Music. The new trio released their debut 7” “Voltage Control” in 1979 on Artibano Records. By 1980 Mario left and was replaced by a Korg KR-55 drum machine. As a duo, SIC self-released the “Cover Girls Smile”/ “Between” 7” in 1980, which was played by John Peel on Radio 1 in London. Unable to replicate the studio sounds for live concerts, the duo recruited three additional musicians, Wilhelm Dunker (bass), Henry Krutzen (saxophone) and Danièle Daoust (synthesizer). In 1981 their final 7” single, “Free Radio Stations” was self-released and the band recorded a demo tape to help secure live gigs. SIC continued to play live over the next two year but eventually broke up in 1983. 2. SIC is a thrash metal band from Faroe Islands. SIC was formed in 2002 by guitar player Eddie Jacobsen. In 2003 singer Mikkjal G. Hansen joined the band and things were on a role. In February 2005 Eddie and Mikkjal joined forces with Magnus, Frans and Gudmar and SIC really began to take shape. SIC remained focused on what their music should sound like and were constantly writing and rearranging songs in anticipation for their debut album Pandemonium. SIC hooked up Producer Tommy Hansen from Jailhouse Studios, Denmark, and in September 2006 SIC began recording Pandemonium. It took 15 days. The album was released February 26th 2007 and was embraced by the people as well as the media. All over the world SIC received breathtaking reviews - the thrash band from tiny Faroe Islands had gained recognition throughout the world! Webzines from countries such as Peru, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Greece, UK, US etc were all giving Pandemonium top marks. 3. A hardcore band from São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil formed in 2003, whose proposal to rescue the righteous and aggressive hardcore with lyrics that speak of lasting bonds of friendship set in the streets and everyday folk of struggle and survival, thus opening the discussion on how to exclude minorities dominant and control much of society. The group was absent from the stage for nearly four years, during which time there were some changes in the formation and maturation of the original sound, making the SIC back stronger than ever to continue passing their messages to the public. Currently the quartet is formed by BOKA Maldonado (voice), Felipe BLACK (bass), VICTOR Ribeiro (guitar) and Guimarães JUNIOR (drums), for more information check it out: 4. Sic was a Japanese hardcore band who shared a split LP with Rose Rose titled 'Throbbing of the Needy'.

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