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Sid biography

There are at least seven artists named SID: 1) SID (シド) is a visual-kei indies band, consisting of Mao (vocals), Shinji (guitar), Aki (bass), and Yuuya (drums). SID has currently sold out every single and album released so far, and their last two singles have placed in the Oricon Top 30 music charts. 2) Sid Hille, called Sid, is a german pianist who lives in Finland. Sid plays piano songs and has published four CDs: Dunjin's Dance (1993), To be Frank (1997), Deep North - the quiet Place (1997) and Reflections (1998). In November 1997 Sid formed the Platypus Ensemble, a Finnish jazz band. 3) The DJ named SID who competed in the 2004 DMC for Sweden. 4) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (aka. SID, SIDS). A Synth-punk band out of Atlanta/Baltimore, Georgia. 5) SID - Polish folk-punk band performing in 90ties. 6) SID is a Hungarian four-piece band (drums, bass, guitar and vocals) that has been active since May 2005. Their first album, entitled Studio was followed by four chart-topping singles Nap Felé, Pearl, Hello and Make It. The music videos of these songs are on heavy rotation on Hungarian commercial and music channels Viva TV, RTL, etc. The band is named after the lead singer and songwriter Sid, who is also one of the most recognised voices in Hungary. He is accompanied by the unique female bass player, Katy Szollossy, guitarist Andras Kenyeres, and drummer Janos Marko. SID has played many gigs on the frontline of the Hungarian music scene and opened for the band Omega in various European countries. The most memorable of these performances took place on 7 October 2006, in the Berlin Tempodrom and 11 August 2007, in Dresden. SID, influenced by the British indie sound, sing many of their songs in English. 7) Sid is a hip-hop solo project by the DJ/turntablist Sid Wilson of Slipknot. Started in 2010.

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