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There are several acts using the name "Slow". 1) Slow (Vellu Maurola, b. 1975 in Vantaa, Finland) — formerly known as DJ Slow — is a Finnish DJ and music producer. His first encounters with hiphop acts such as Run-D.M.C., Public Enemy and Eric B. & Rakim led him to pursue career in DJing. Later on he ventured into making music and remixing others tracks. Currently he's known for his smooth, yet groovy nu-jazz style as well as versatile producer of commercial music for high profile projects for advertising, TV and cinema. * 2) Slow is a band from Bristol, UK, playing mellow, chilled out acoustic music and are often appreciated by those who like the Red House Painters, Low, Sparklehorse and other low-key 'Staring Music'. You can find their music here on on the Old Crow Music label at * 3) Slow is a legendary Vancouver protogrunge band from the 80s. Tom and Christian from Slow later formed Copyright. * 4) Slow is czech metal band. * 5) Slow is a thrash metal band from Poland. [ ] * 6) Slow (aka Sergey Suokas) is a musician, designer, producer and dj from Russia. Releases include "Lonely Man" (2008) (free MP3) (How2Make). * 7) Slow is a hungarian hip-hop producer. [ ] * 8) Slow is a funeral doom metal band from the united states, created by Markov Soroka of Eternium and Aureole, you can find the entire album to download for free here:

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