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Sniper biography

There are 7 Bands/artists called "Sniper": 1)Sniper is a French hip hop band composed of four sons of immigrants from the suburbs of Paris. The band was formed in 1997 under the name Personnalité Suspecte, but changed its name later. Many of the group's songs handle very political themes, such as the Israeli occupation of Palestine in Jeteur de pierre and a perceived injustice in the French political system in La France. 2) Sniper Was an Oi! band based in West Philadelphia in the mid 90's comprised of skins, punks and straight edge members. 3) Sniper from Finland is a white power rock band formed in 1997. They have been hailed as "the new kings of the Scandinavian NS skinhead music scene." 4) Sniper is a German Death-Thrash-Metal Band. A first demo was recorded which was followed by the first CD "Your World is Doomed" in 2004. The new album, "Seducer of Human Souls, released in 2006 shows a mix of fine details embed in a strong death-thrash sound. 5) Sniper was a japanese heavy metal band from back in the 80's. Check Sniper 6) Sniper is a chicano gangsta rapper 7) Sniper is a Japanese speed metal band from 1985 In addition, producer Chris Brodeur has released breakbeat / dance music material under the alias "Sniper". See this Discogs entry.

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