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Solido (or Grupo Solido) are a Texas, USA based Grammy winners that make Latin / Tejano music. Members: Ben De Leon (lead vocals), Rolando Benavidez (vocals, Percussion), Medardo Garza (Bajo Sexto), Amado Garza (drums), Fernando Trevino (electric bass) and Elijio Salinas (accordion) When a group shot to fame almost overnight, changes can be difficult for members - but has made solid gains even better since his amazing début. Solid managed to have one of the most impressive successes in the history of regional Mexican music when her first single, "Hasta la cima del cielo ", he stayed several months in the charts in 2000. Now, this group of six youths, based in Rio Grande City, Texas, which is the border between Mexico and the United States, delights us with a live album entitled Live with you. Was recorded during shows at the South Padre Island, Laredo, and Kingsville. The release CD / DVD also includes 3 new tracks recorded in the studio, standing by the first single "You." The DVD includes video clips of Solid, images of the group playing live, and photos from the personal collection of the group. Their members have always listened to both music from both sides of the border. Merging these influences, Solid has remained true to its roots and has forged a sound with which they identify their fans in Mexico and the United States. Ben de Leon, solid vocalist, says that the soft shades of accordion and bajo sexto are pure norteño, while the drums and her singing must be something Texan influences. Their sound can be considered romantic and melodic, is ideal for dancing and chanting. Returns, the previous CD Strong, received a Latin Grammy nomination this year in the category of Best Tejano Album. And the group reached the "top" of the Grammys in 2001, when Nobody Like You, his second CD, won the American Grammy in the same category. Interestingly, it was the tragedy that prompted the group to throw forward - Ben's house burned down on Christmas Eve, 1997. He went to live with her parents and younger brothers - Medardo Garza (bass sexton) and Amado Garza Jr. (drums). They had always tried from time to time, but not seriously. But they realized they had a new chemistry. In mid 1998, they recorded a demo and sent to the Freddie Records label. Executives acknowledged that Solid had something special and soon signed the group to an exclusive contract. Ben says he knew that the truck "to the top of the sky" was a very good song from that recorded. But however modest, or perhaps not wanting to build castles in the air, never imagined that the issue would become what is now - a modern classic. The song is about a love that transcends the barriers of land, and was the most striking success of the Norteño and Texas in 2000. "All we identify with this song," says Ben. "It's an impossible love - and we've all lost someone." Fortunately, the members of Solid kept their feet firmly on the ground despite the super success of his debut.

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