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Solitaire biography

There is more than one artist with this name. 1. Solitaire is a brainchild of Elmar Schulte devoted to ambient/electronic music. Solitaire exists since 1989 and has produced five cds, filmscores and music for theaterworks. Collaborators: Rüdiger Gleisberg, Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes 2. House music duo made up of Lewis Dene and Dave Taylor. Their tracks include You Got The Love, Lovin', Thinking Of You and I Like Love (I Love Love). 3. Solitaire, the eighties solo-synth project known for pioneering “live electronics” and early computer based performance. NOTE: If you are searching or scrobbling for this artist please redirect to (and rename local mp3 folders) “Solitaire (musician).” 4. Speed Metal band from Eura, Finland. Band was formed 1995 and has released 4 albums. Albums: Rising To The Challenge (2002) Extremely Flammable (2004) Invasion Metropolis (2006) Predatress (2008) Current members: Riku - Lead Guitars, Vocals Waaqqu - Lead Guitars Lauri - Bass Rippe - Drums Former Members: Mikko - Bass Kalu - Drums Mika - Vocals

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