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Note* First there are two different (perhaps even more: please verify) and distinct artists named Star. For the sake of knowing the difference I will cover what I know about each artist. Please excuse my knowledge of the late 90's Star, there is little information about this artist online. Star - Releasing only one album, in 1999 called Triune on Heat Records, Star's music is a mix of Electronic club dance music, R&B, Soul, and late 90's Funk. The members of Star are: Francisco Del(Composer) Star(Main Performer) David Cabrera(Guitar) Sly Kat(Rap) Jennifer Carbonell(Background vocals) Dennis Dellinger(Background vocals) Tobor(Background vocals) Dirty Dre(Background vocals) James "Drumstick" Davis(Percussion) DJ Cool One(Scratching) Smart (Rap) Related Links: In 2005 another band by the name of STAR (All Caps) popped up in Chicago's underground dreamy Noisepop, and Blissrock scene. Scott Cortez of lovesliescrushing, and astrobrite, soon began to collaborate with singer songwriter Shannon Roberts (guitar, Vocals), and Theodore Beck (percussion, Guitar). Releasing a demo in 2005, STAR released their debut album Devastator on February 17th 2007. Related Links: STAR website STAR @ Myspace Shannon Roberts Website STAR Promo Video Third Star has also been used as a guise for Chab who released Rock Rose on Platipus records in 2001.

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