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Three artists go by the name of Stone (some others go by the name The Stone): 1. Stone - female French singer who had a solo yé-yé career in the 60s. Born Annie Gautrat on July 31, 1947, she released ~12 EPs. Several of her songs have appeared on recent French 60s pop compilations like Ultra Chicks and Femmes De Paris. In 1966, she married French rock artist Eric Charden and they went on to form the popular duo Stone et Charden. 2. Stone was a thrash metal band that formed in Kerava, Finland in the mid-1980s. It released four albums during the late 1980s and early 1990s, before disbanding in 1991 to pursue different musical directions. Stone reunited to play a final set of concerts in 2000, and then again in 2008. Despite their rather short career, Stone's legacy has provided inspiration for many of the countless metal bands who emerged during the popularity explosion of the genre during the 1990s. Perhaps the most notable of these bands is Children of Bodom, whose lead guitarist Alexi Laiho credits former Stone member and current Sinergy and Children of Bodom bandmate Roope Latvala as a major influence on his playing. Along Roope Latvala, the other musicians that performed in Stone were bassist/vocalist Janne Joutsenniemi (currently in Suburban Tribe), drummer Pekka Kasari (later in Amorphis and Ajattara, currently in Pahuuden prototyyppi) and two other guitarists: Jiri Jalkanen, who was one of the founding members, and Markku Niiranen, who replaced Jalkanen in 1990. 3. Stone is also the name of a prog-rock group from Melbourne, Australia, fronted by bassist extraordinaire Keith Stone. 4. Stone is a '80s U.S. Disco Boogie group.

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