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There are multiple artists with this name: 1). A synthpop duo formed in December, 1981 consisting of Alan Rider & Phil Clarke. Their music combines electronic rhythms, sequences, keyboards, bass guitar, vocals, percussion, tape manipulation, and a variety of acoustic instruments to provide a sound that fuses commercial & experimental elements with a pointed lyrical edge. They disbanded in 1991 with four official releases (two cassettes, including a split with Thomas Struszka, a mini LP titled 'The Big Wheel' and a best of compilation, 'Nostalgia') and 11 compilation appearances. 2). Stress is a Heavy Metal group from Brazil - formed in 1977. They started off in a northern Brazilian area called Belém, which is the capital state of Pará. They are often discredited for considerably being the first Thrash Metal band before Metallica was claimed to release their popular "Kill 'Em All". The lead member of Stress Roosevelt "Bala" Cavalcante also did state that they were as fast and aggressive as Kill 'Em All. 3). Andres Andrekson, better known by his stage name Stress, was born in 1978 in Estonia, and moved to Lausanne, Switzerland at the age of twelve. He was member of Double Pact, and started his solo career in 2003 with Billy Bear. Since then, his music enjoys great success in Switzerland, with all four solo albums reaching the Top 20. 4). Can Canatan, a.k.a. Stress is a Swedish musician and music producer. 5). Hungarian heavy metal band formed in 1977. 6). Greek band from Athens with a high-paced punk '77/KBD sound and sociopolitical lyrics. The band was active from 1980 to 1986 and then again for some years in mid-90s. (Official MySpace Page.) 7). Russian industrial\alternative metal band from Moscow. Band formed in 2001. ( 8). Punk band from Belgium. 9). Punk band from Poland (Jelenia Góra). 10). A short-lived London indie band who inhabited the Tropical/Healing & Easy Listening/Comedy genres. 11). Harsh noise wall project from Texas from Casey of Pet Virus. 12). Stress was a very short-lived Neo-Psychedelic rock band composed of Wayne Binitie, Ian Mussington and Mitch Amachi Ogugua. They released one eponymous album in 1991 on Reprise/Warner Bros. Records. This drew numerous favourable comparisons with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, and although not a great commercial success, was described as possessing 'a lot of musical strengths' by All Music's Steven McDonald [1] In 1997, Binitie and Mussington released a second album under the moniker of Inqbator, entitled "Hatched". It featured contributions from Lenny Kravitz, whom they had previously supported on tour. 13). Romanian rapper

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