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Syndrom Snopp is a hip-hop crew from Prague, Czech Republic. With their first self-titled album released in 1997, it was one of the first crews in Czech Republic. The first album brought such songs as "Apokalypsa", "Fak' se nediv", "Odpočívej v klidu", "Kriminál" or "Aspekty noci". In '99 a new album named Syndrom Separace (with the first song - "Děti Faraona" being played on the radio) brought a bit less hating but also a lot more psychedelic and even deeper texts. With the beggining of the new millenium the crew had four stable members (Gipsy, DJ Smog from the former Chaozz crew, Tchybo - a lady MC from Ostrava and Christoss - rapper with deep voice and Greek origins). In 2003, Syndrom Snopp published their last album 3.0, which finally brought the crew at least a bit of fame. Syndrom Snopp have been always known as an underground hip-hop, operating with metaphysical lyrics and hard, full-filled beats. Today, Syndrom Snopp doesn't practically exist anymore. After firing both Tchybo and Christoss, only the two founder members were left. Gipsy has gotten pretty popular nowadays with his solo project - playing crossover stuff and taking part in shows and contests such as Eurovision... It is quite clear that this unique project have been dead since at least 2006 - there is basically no hope for SS to regroup a play their awesome alternative hip hop once again... :-( Check 'em out here:

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