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Synergy biography

There are 7 bands with the name Synergy: 1. Synergy, the trademarked name used by synthesist Larry Fast for his musical endeavors. The first Synergy album Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra was recorded February, 1975 using a Minimoog, Mellotron, Oberheim Expander and Digital Sequencer and an ARP 2600. Control functions were state of the art, but all pre-MIDI ...and nobody played guitar. Over the next several years, Fast pushed the boundaries of electronic music and technology. In addition to his own releases, he has played on albums and tours with Peter Gabriel, Nektar, Bon Jovi and Tony Levin. 2. Synergy, Slovakian drum and bass. A project connecting drum&bass, noise, techno, industrial, experimental, breakcore, dark side or even metal, hardcore and ambient, classical. 3. Synergy, a czech Mathcore duo from Pilsen, Czech Republic 4. Synergy, the progressive trance collaboration between David West, whose real name is David Westerlund (of Antiloop fame) and Andreas Ink of Inkfish. This project has produced two tracks, Pacifier and Hello Strings in 2004. The track is featured on Armin van Buuren's 2004 CD Universal Religion among others. 5. Synergy Youth, a Christian Youth Band Located in Mackay, Australia. Synergy Youth has 3 Studio Recorded albums. Band Members are Cameron Murison, Jennifer Booth-Jones, Timothy Spark, Jacques DuToit, Cobb Tickle, Chris Lang, Benjamin Croker, and Amber Clark. They play twice annually at Youth Alive Ballistic, and at the Extreme Youth Conference hosted By Mackay Christian Family Church. 6. Synergy, an Industrial band from Germany. 7. Michael Askill/Ian Cleworth/Rebecca Lagos/Colin Piper ..collectively known as Synergy. Legal reasons prevent the group from using the name Synergy in the United States.

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