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Synestesia is a five-membered melodic death metal band from Pori, Finland. Synestesia played their first gigs at local venues in 2002, the same year their first demo-cd "Talvimyrkky" was released. "Aikamme Orjat" was made in 2003, where after the band was put on hold until November 2005. With new material composed during the break, the band entered the studio in June 2006. "Heikkojen Herralle", was released on June 30th, 2006. After the positive feedback "Heikkojen Herralle" received, Synestesia played a couple of gigs and most importantly; started to write new material for their upcoming release. The band entered the studio in June 2007 and in August the hard work was rewarded. "Ihmisen Nimeen" cd-ep was released in August 15th, 2007 as a free download on the band's home page. Synestesia discography: [*]Talvimyrkky CDS (2002) [*]Aikamme Orjat (2003) [*]Heikkojen Herralle (2006) [*]Ihmisen nimeen (2007) [*]Feeniks (2009) [*]Nereus (2012)

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