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There are nine bands by the name of Synesthesia 1) NWOBHM band from Roslyn, Dunedin, New Zealand 2) Progressive metal from Houstan, Texas 3) Progressive Metal-Rock band from the Dominican Republic 4) Guitar oriented progressive rock band 5) Death/Thrash metal band from St Albans, England 6) Atmospheric Progressive Metal band from Greece 7) Acoustic instrumental project 8) Contemporary electronic duo from UK 9) Hardcore/metalcore band from Watford, England 1)Synesthesia are a NWOBHM band from Roslyn, Dunedin, New Zealand. 2)Synesthesia is a Progressive metal project based out of Houston, Texas. They are currently looking for a singer and a keyboardist, but for the time being they are using session musicians for the demo song to fill those parts. They are looking for a singer in the style of Jorn Lande, Mark Boals, Kelly Sundown Carpenter, and Tony Martin; A keyboardist in the style of Michael Pinella, Kevin Codfert, Mustis, and Kevin Moore. They are currently recording a demo song to help them find musicians to join the band. 3)Synesthesia is a Progressive Metal-Rock band from the Dominican Republic, Founded in 2003 by Adalberto Arias (vocals/guitars), Orlando Gómez (bass/backing vocals), Luis García (guitars), Rudescindo Valenzuela (keyboards) y Omar Melo (drums). In 2004 they put out two demos "Instantes" y "Espectros", which gained them popularity through the local radio stations and specially through the "Avanzada Metalica" radio space. On that same period Omar Melo joins the military, and the band is left without drums teporarily. Later on Michael Linares took on the drumming job. In june 2005 they launch their independent debut album, "Relatos de una Evolución" with 10 tracks and a total running time of 68 minutes. In march 2007, they launched their live album "2i en Vivo", recorded in the "En Otra Onda" show in may 2006, on the Cinema Café in Santo Domingo. On 2009, they released their second independent album, "Symbalousa" with 7 tracks and a total running time of +40 minutes. 4) Synesthesia - from the Ancient Greek syn, "together," and aisthesis, "sensation" - is a neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Over 2006 J. Wijn, D. Sleutjes, R. Heijnen and F. Honkoop formed the band Synesthesia. In 2007 N. Hermkens joined as singer. 2008 saw the first performances. Early 2009 MJS joined the band to reinforce Synesthesia and replace R. Heijnen after leaving the band in December 2008. Synesthesia has an sonic output of guitar oriented progressive rock, with alternative, symphonic and ambient incense. With influences from various regions of modern rockmusic, Synesthesia envisions to fuse the best of several worlds and make it explode. 5)Synesthesia are a four piece Death/Thrash Metal band from St Albans, England. Dom Maidlow (Vocals), Mike Johnson (Lead Guitar + Backup Vocals), Matt Harrold (Rhythm Guitar + Backup Vocals), Dylan Rothwell (Drums). Not yet known to many, because of the fact that they haven't yet played live, but in 2008 they will finally be on stage in a hall somewhere. 6)Synesthesia were formed in 2004 by guitarist/songwriter Dim (x-Desertomen, Out of the Lair, Transcending Bizzare?, Dol Ammad) and vocalist/lyricist Stelios (x-Dimensional Traces, Chaorhythm). After years of involvement and performance in the Greek metal scence and based on their strong friendship, Dim and Devian T. decided to join forces and created Synesthesia. Dim (situated in Thessaloniki, Greece) started composing and recording new material that deviated from what the Hellenic metal scene had to offer at that time. Fresh ideas featuring a more modern sound and a more innovative structure, but always with a touch of classic metal. Devian T. (situated in Leeds, UK) reappeared in the metal scene, after years, with a better-defined vocal style, 'dressing up' Dim's songs with powerful vocal lines and meaningful lyrics. In 2006, drummer Thanasis Lightbridge (Dol Ammad) joined the band to create a concrete and vibrating rhythm section. Synesthesia's debut album (self-financed) is titled 'From Amnesia to Apocalypse' and includes 8 new tracks which are thematically and conceptually interconnected. Inspiration came from various directions and the songs feature a mixture of different metal influences but at the same time promoting a unique attitude and a personal style. 7) Synesthesia is an acoustic instrumental project combining the guitar artistry of Navid Nikbakht and David Martone. Nikbakht and Martone each bring their own individual set of influences to this group, which also includes producer/percussionist Christoph Bracher. Using elements of Latin, Asian, Jazz and Rock, Synesthesia's self-titled album has already found many fans worldwide. 8) Synesthesia is an Contemporary Electronic Two Person Team consisting of Josh Semans and Francis Smallwood. Know as Synesthesia UK to avoid confusion! Performing in local festivals and concerts in and around thier hometowns of Hesketh Bank and Tarleton. 9) Synesthesia are a hardcore band from Watford, England combining elements of hardcore punk, post-hardcore and metalcore. -------------------------------------------------------

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