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Synne Sanden was born 06.03.1990. She grew up in the small, beautiful and isolated place, Treungen. In her early years her parents brought her to concerts, festivals and different countries. It made her inspired, and she started to sing, and afterwords she started to play the piano. She found it boring to practice, but still she wanted to play, and most of all to sing. She started to compose her first songs, and felt and understood that this was a passion and something she actually needed to do. Her mother died when she was 15 years old, and then her need to express herself increased dramatically. She wrote songs about hope, grief, loneliness and fragility which she recorded together with her favorite bass player, Ole Kelly Kvamme, and some other fine musicians. Out of the collaboration, it came two Ep´s: “Still waiting” and “Traces” some years later. While she recorded the second ep she went on the music high school in Skien, Telemark. In 2009 she went to Sund folk college. Together with Steffen Granly and Siv Øyunn Kjenstad she formed the band Chili Vanilla. They played a lot of concerts and eventually they got in studio and recorded their debut album, together with producer Audun Kleive. Her main project started that winter in Oslo, when she went in studio together with the amazing piano player Bugge Wesseltoft. They started recording songs, and Bugge contributed both as a musician and producer. Moddi, Torun Eriksen and Mathias Eick were some of the musicians guesting, who brought their nerve to her music. She went to Sweden together with her band, and after a while the songs were shaped exactly the way she felt was right. In 2011 her debut album “When nobody´s around” was released, on Dayladore collective. Now she is working on her second!

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