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Jakob Skøtt (Syntaks) from Denmark has been involved with several projects with his lifelong collaborator Jonas Munk (Manual) – from electronic dream pop to 60s psych/stoner rock. Using a wide selection of instruments as a solo performer – most notably drums and percussion, but also electronics from various time periods, middle eastern instruments, vocals and guitars – the sound of Syntaks is balanced between the turbulence on the surface and the pressure from the bottom – reaching out for both peaks. Under the name Syntaks, he and Manual released a successful album in 2004 on Darla Records entitled "Golden Sun". Jakob Skøtt also records under the name "Limp" along with Manual, and has released an album on Morr Music in 2003 entitled "Orion". As a solo artist he released a an album last year on Benbecula, "Awakes". He is also part of the four piece Causa Sui with a release on Germany's Nasoni. Syntaks now release their 4th and broadest ranging album "Nachtblende" via Parallax Sounds Records: on 26th September 2011. Syntaks at Discogs

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