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At least four artists share the name Syntax: 1) Syntax is a London based electronic duo formed in 2002 by the musicians Mike Tournier (ex-member of Fluke) and Jan Burton (also the band's vocalist). They are best known for the songs "Pride", "Pray" and "Bliss". After the success of the album Risotto by Fluke, Mike Tournier wanted to move to a much darker production style. He left Fluke and founded Syntax with Jan Burton in 2002. In 2004, Syntax released their debut album Meccano Mind on Illustrious Records. The Japanese edition included three additional tracks, entitled "Sexograph", "Woman", and "Love Song (I Wonder Why)". Three singles were issued: "Pray" (#28 UK), "Message" and "Bliss" (#69 UK). The band suffered poor album sales, possibly due to a lack of support from their record label and a lack of overall recognition. In 2004 the group split. However, their music featured on various TV series, film and games like The O.C., Nip/Tuck, The Invisible and DRIV3R. A few years after split, Syntax reformed and currently they work on their second album. 2) An Australian hip hop artist: The name might not immediately ring a bell, but if you've been familiar with Australian Hip Hop long enough, you've more than likely been exposed to the Gold Coast rappers not inconsiderable talents. As co-front man for illustrious local hip hop group Trace Elements, more than likely you've seen him around at a more than a few shows, having supported a stable of home grown artists on tours with Bliss N Eso, Phrase, Delta and international acts such as Mobb Deep, QBert, Supernatural and west coast veteran Xzibit. When thinking Syntax, think of effortless hooks like Q-Tip, mixed with the lyrics of Big L, and the soulful truth of Little Brother's Phonte. Breaking free of the Trace Elements mould, and former partners Tactic One and Australian hip hop producer extraordinaire M-Phazes, Syntax is about to drop his first debut release 'The Musical'; two years of collaborative effort with arguably Australia's best producer talent, culminating in a zenith of musical numbers that are expertly laced with the overtones of hip hop music's greatest artists. All the world is a stage, set to the soundtrack of Australia's most indelible new artist. 3) An alias of the Japanese visual and electronic music artist, Shigetomo Yamamoto. 4) A grindcore band from Los Angeles. Recorded a demo in 2009, released in 2011 as cassette by Left Handed Path Records. Released a second demo in 2012.

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