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There are several musical projects named Syntax Error. (1) An experimental music and media project based in Toronto, Canada. Members: Isosceles_CAT (Programming, Sequencing, Sound Design) & Jaf (Bass, Sound Design, Loops) They use whatever objects, instruments, hardware & software they can find, build or buy to create music and explore interesting sounds. The duo are of the philosophy that the process of writing music is just as important as the music itself, the tools used and how they are created & implemented is its own artform. _______________________ (2) A hungarian new wave/synthpop band. _________________________ (3) Syntax Error Real Name: Christian Schachta Profile: syntax error started DJing in 1998 with Drum n Bass and Psychedelic Trance in several underground clubs. His musicstyle changed to the "4x4 movers" and was fixed after he visited the Tresor Club in Berlin for the first time in end of 1998. Until now he played in several stations for example the Fusion-Club in Münster or Tresor- Berlin. His style is a kind of abstract electronic shit and groovy experimental stupid rubbish. He has big preferences for hard bumping groovy beats, strange noizy synths and deep distored organ-basses. Check out his "some fucking rubbish" live PA, which is now available to be played in those dark dingy dungeons. He is also known as the mechanoid disruptor...Syntax beam me error!!! Sites: Aliases: Christian Schachta, Snork _________________________ (4) A super rock and roll band from northern Sweden also shares this name. They have songs like Syntax Error and Hallå! (Hello!) and Skinheadbögen (Skinhead gay guy) and so on. The members are Dove on song and synth and David on guitar and song and XChristofferX on guitar and backing vocals and Emil on axe bass and Peppo on drummings. They released two albums, the first "tigerns natt" (Night of the Tiger) and then, yes, another album called: Hejdå Hallå (Goodbye Hello). All albums featuring many songs that are good and or even better. _________________________ (5) Another example of a Syntax Error is the one who recorded various types of breakbeat electronica (often with a very old school feel) for the Tzanda label at the start of the century: his raucous live sets would often be performed in front of a wall-sized naked full-frontal photograph of himself. Syntax Error used used an old apple 64 k mac running the pre audio version of Cubase, a cz100, Roland d110, boss dr660? a modified Roland TR505, Casio FZ1 and a collection of guitar pedals. Syntax Error now records and performs under the name "dalsyn" & "asbo11" (31/05/2007 by Syntax Error AKA Dalsyn). _________________________ (6) A French math/jazz/punk trio from Rouen/Paris. _________________________ Syntax Error was also the name of a Swedish National Radio Show which aired every week between 2001 and 2003. This radio show focused on music from old video games and computer music. The show was hosted by Sol and Chip, and was incredibly popular.

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