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Syntetika biography

Syntetika is an electronic group founded in St.Petersbourg, Russia in 1997. There are two members, Elena Tyulandina and Vladislav Tyulandin. Elena is a classically trained pianist. In 1992 Elena had discovered electronic music by such composers as Klaus Schulze, Vangelis. Radio program "Back to the Universe" from Radio Rocks hosted by Vladimir Tuz, Martin Landers, caused big influence on her. Everything heard on that program reflected Lena's attitude to electronic music. In 1995 she met Oleg Korovin aka "Silence Generator". He produced music of easy dance style. Lena contributed to one of his tracks. Later in 1996 she met Dmitry Ageev (from Fizzarum). Being part of the first line-up of Fizzarum, Elena started to learn many new things around world of electronic music, synths, hardware, software and much more... Everything was madly interesting. Vladislav was interested in rock music and started to visit rock parties in 1995. His interests have switched to club music whith the creation of "Nora" club by "Dva samolyota" group. During that time Vladislav started to spin vynils in many clubs of St.Petersburg (Nora, Tunnel, Transformator and others). He participated in radio programs on Radio Baltika and Radio Port FM. Vladislav and Lena met each other in 1997 and started to improvise with electronic sound. By the end of 1997 their first MC track "Lands" had been released on the "PERFORATION" compilation by Perforated records (part of Manchester files label). Their first ever live performance took place at the release presentation in Port club. In the period between 1997 and 2001 Syntetika have worked in their home-based studio and released several tracks on various compilations.

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