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SYNTHETIC BREED is “Formulated Chaos”: the Australian four-piece Industrial Djent band combining a crushing and mechanizing sounds cape. With a uniquely intense technical rhythmic complexity, SYNTHETIC BREED also ventures into chaotic poly-rhythmic passages with dynamic, emotive and eloquent melodic interludes. ABOUT: SYNTHETIC BREED was formed and began playing live in 2002. By late 2003 their debut self-titled EP was released. The band continued to write and perform, molding their unique style and in early 2005 released their second EP, "Fractured", leading to an invitation to perform at the prestigious “With Full Force” festival in Leipzig, Germany. 2006 saw SYNTHETIC BREED record and release their first full-length album, ‘Catatonic’, which was received with worldwide critical acclaim. After a short hiatus from playing live in 2009-10 the band returned to the studio to record their second feature album, 'Perpetual Motion Machine', once again released to worldwide acclaim. 2011 saw the band sign a North American distribution deal through ‘Rogue Records America’ and undertake their most ambitious Australian tour to date. While the prior EP's hinted at the musicality and progressive tendencies of SYNTHETIC BREED, their full length releases showcase their unique and individual style and sound in a spectacularly authoritative manner. Crushing riffs, pounding polyrhythms and a superior technicality are combined with both explosive and dark movements of musical excellence to form a unique brand of Industrial Death Metal.

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