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Synthetic Scar is all about combining different styles of music (from electronic to hard core), In it's own core it is a metal band but we like to think of the band as a synthesis of modern electro music and old school metal. In other words, a combination where everything is allowed, there are no boundaries and Nu Metal is the meeting point of the band's expression. Boro and File started with some serious writing, at last. Before this they were authors and coauthors of music and lyrics for other bands. Now seriously focusing on synthetic scar, they write songs for the first album...but that still was not it... When Tihi and Tonci came into the band and gave their points of view, finally it all fell into place and in that moment Synthetic scar was born. Synthetic Scar started out as a project but has turned into a real eager-to-get-out-there band. Band Members: Filip Brtan (vocals, guitar) Boris Luetic (keyboards, vocals) Tihomir Glogoski (bass, vocals) Tonci Vrdoljak (drums)

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