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Syringe biography

There are at least three bands named Syringe: 1) A progressive death metal band. Syringe began in summer of 2000 when drummer Michael Robles & vocalist/guitarist Derek Corzine met at a local Christian music store. After adding bassist Ricky Pool & guitarist James Urias, the group began writing music. Syringe performed extensively in Texas until '05 when they officially disbanded & played their last show. In 2012, Syringe re-recorded their original demos and released it officially as Former Life Departure. 2) Not for sissies yet sensitive enough to get you laid or at least feel like you did. Most of the recordings were made with their former drummer Joaquin "Josh" Garza and is easily comparable to Josh's other bands Comet, Captain Audio, and Secret Machines. This band is best described as late 1990's Indie. 3) Black Metal band. 4) Alien Punk, Noise, Deadpop, No-Fi band from Odense, Denmark consisting of Arsene Survie - Vocals & Guitar, Emil: Bass & Behrang: Bass.

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