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System biography

System is a name of at least four acts: 1) A Danish producer trio (aka Future 3). 2) A Swedish retro-synthpop duo. 3) A UK drum and bass producer (aka MC System). 4) A German punk band from the early 80s. 1) A Copenhagen, Denmark producer trio, of Thomas Knak (aka Opiate, producer of two tracks on Björk's "Vespertine"), Anders Remmer (aka Dub Tractor) and Jesper Skaaning (aka Acustic). Since 1995, they have been releasing, increasingly pop-oriented, albums as Future 3. They have a common love for dub and their music is usually heavy with: reverb, echo and bass. 2) A Stockholm, Sweden retro-synthpop duo, of Herr A and Herr B, formed in the early 90s. 3) A London, UK drum'n'bass producer (aka MC System and Mark System). He started his MC career on London's pirate radio station Rude FM. He was at one time a part of the Future Thinking crew who throw drum'n'bass parties in the London area. His production style is reminiscent of the old Reinforced Records and Metalheadz sounds. Sites: Discogs

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