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Syu (born Sep 23, 1980) is the guitarist and backing vocalist for the Japanese metal band Galneryus, and also performs guitar and lead vocals in SPINALCORD. He was formerly a member of Animetal. Syu was born in Kansai, Japan. Syu first began playing violin at the age of six, and he also played piano. He continued playing violin until he was 12-13 years old. While in the fourth grade of elementary school, Syu discovered a passion for drums, which was fuelled by listening to X Japan. He says he found it easy to change from violin to guitar because they have similarly styled movements and finger patterns. He continued playing the drums, but enjoyed the guitar more, as it was easier and he could better express himself through guitar than through drums. He soon gave up drums altogether, when he could find good band members to play with. Syu joined Valkyr in August, 1998, after not much activity from the other members. Nearly a year later, they released their first demo tape, titled 'Love of Insanity'. In August of 2000, they released a 2-track 'Recording tune'. After more demos in 2001, they finally released their first single 'Batta'. The band later broke up in april 24, 2004. During his time with Valkyr he also formed the band Galneryus which was a power metal band that he started with famous Japanese singer Yama-B. He started this band whilst he was living in Kujo, Osaka and heard him singing on the radio. Then they began working together as they were from the same area and made Galneryus. They hired support musicians A on Keyboards (who had previously played with Syu on Valkyr), Shôgo Himuro on Bass, and Toshihiro Yui (formerly of Cemetery, Honey Quest) on Drums. They went on to release a 2-track demo titled 'United Flag'. After playing live for a long time, they went back to record their second EP 'Rebel Flag' with the independent label Iron Shock with Yoshinori Kataoka on keyboards (replacing A). In 2002, Galneryus were signed to VAP, and began work on the first full length album titled 'The Flag Of punishment.' They released their next album, 'Advance to the fall,' in 2005. They then relased their third album 'Beyond the End of Despair...' in 2006. In 2007 they returned again with their fourth full-length album 'One For All-All For One'. While he was still in the early days with Galneryus, Syu started another side project in 2002, in which he plays guitar and also does the main vocals. This style is much darker than his other projects. They released their first single, 'Akarui' in September that year. They went on a very slow pace and went silent for a long time, but announced in 2006 that they were coming back with a new member and single. In 2003, Syu joined Animetal as their new guitarist. He recorded only one album with them, 'Animetal Marathon.' The group disbanded in 2006. Syu's style of playing has been likened to that of Yngwie Malmsteen and many neo-classical guitarists. Syu himself lists his influences as: John Petrucci, Uli Jon Roth, Paul Gilbert, Michael Schenker, and Yngwie Malmsteen. Syu has a signature series guitar available from ESP called the 'Crying Star' and is available from ESP japan. Guitar ESP Crying star GOTOH SG301-20 & HIPSHOT GT1 tuner GOTOH GE103B-T & GE101Z EMG SAV (neck) EMG 89 (bridge)

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