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Turin, Italy (2003 – 2013) Coming from 3001 A.D., five entities from Planet Sidera (a dark planet, under a sunproof and photophobic atmosphere, with albedo percentage equal zero), landed on Earth, on the dark and synthetic landscapes of Turin, Italy. Their claws and legs crawled upon the new planet's soil to incarnate their alien features in five earthlings, becoming parasite inhabitants and forcing their hosting bodies to take instruments and create T3CHN0PH0B1A: an hyper-hybrid, a deadly combination of Metal sounds and futuristic, violent electronics; a killer mix of industrial decadence, alien sounds and hellectrowaves feasting under a grey velcro sky, where morbid and screaming vocals meet laser gun massacre guitars and cold martial beats. Call it Industrial Metal, call it (as they self proclaimed) "Dancefl-Horror Music", call it what you want...just remember that they only want to destroy humankind with their xenothropic weapons. They released 3 EPs and a full length album, they received and made remixes/collaborations, during the years, for electro-rock/ebm acts (Mortiis, Obszon Geschoph, Syrian, Dope Stars Inc., XP8) and, last but not least, they're actually unsigned and hungry for annihilation. That five units platoon is ready to strike and to give to their hated/beloved carbon-based lifeforms what they deserve: violence, lethal energy and total euphoric chaos. They are starting to command our brains, they are starting to conquer our lands, they invaded human territories as green-black gods from the skies. Death from above never felt so good. ...Live short and do not prosper. [-End of communication - evidences will be destroyed-]

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