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Tab biography

Tab was first introduced to music through a drumset. He learned at age five by following his teacher improv on the piano. These lessons would spark the approach he took towards music for years to come. Hip-hop would quickly become Tab's genre of choice because of how the drums carried the songs. Groups like Wu-Tang and The Roots developed his taste for the lyrical EastCoast style he tries to recreate to this day. Starting out in freestyles and appearing on local mixtapes Tab slowly made a name for himself. Bouncing around from a few underground hip-hop groups, it wasn't long before Tab began trying to record on his own. Producing became his new passion and allowed him to experiment with his sound in ways he never thought possible. Selling mixtapes and doing local shows slowly became the norm. Meanwhile his beats were becoming more and more complex, so much so Tab began looking outside the genre of underground hip-hop. Now he was mixing samples with live instruments and pieces from every type of music imaginable. This sound would catch the ears of a few people that would build upon this new style. Tab formed The Dead Poets with Renagade after a long freestyle session at one of his DJing gigs. The Dead Poets would go on to make "The Kenny Chang Tapes" which caught a major a buzz in the underground scene. The Dead Poets would share the stage with acts like Immortal Technique, C Rayz Walz and more. Tab than produced a solo album "Poet in the Dark" which is gaining momentum and "Reflections of Goodbye" with Roebus One which is totally groundbreaking. With these releases and more in the very near future Tab continues to push the envelope on what is capable for underground hip-hop. With gritty beats and intelligent lyrics, Tab brings music with a message regardless of the genre. Lately, he has been performing his solo songs with a full band while singing and playing guitar. Tab considers himself more of an aritst than just an emcee and likes to keep his audience guessing at all times. His sound will continue to grow as Tab strives to make music his lifetime profession.

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