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Tabasco biography

Team: Gediminas Norvaišas (1967.06.27) vocals (ex-"Drama", "Arka", Miko Suraučiaus vocal group). Art-school graduate accordion class of the KTU has bachelor's degree. Edmund Noreika (1967.12.05) group plays the guitar, as well as a text, music, aranžuoja works. Art-school teaches guitar. KTU has bachelor's degree. Rimvydas Vagonis (1960.10.13) keyboards (ex-"Echoes of Vilnius", "rehearsal"). Čiurlionis art school, graduated from the flute class. EDMA Juska (1966.01.18) percussion (ex-"Wallis"). Completed Tallat-Kelpša upper school of music. Art-school teacher mušamuosius. Former classmates, Gedas and Edmund, from the time of the school while played together in 1992 KTU completed studies, and studies in different groups played in Kaunas and Vilnius, created the group Plunge "T-Rio", in which the keyboards play called Rimvydas wagon. After five years of playing together, have gained more experience and to the sound of their music look, guys in 1998 fall into the group of drummers called EDMA. Suddenly, the need for change and the name - after all, can not be called "T-Rio" (albeit with a confusing middle stripe), when the group was no longer playing the three, and four musicians. "Sugalvoję over a thousand names no good nepešėme. Remember that there are different groups with the names of areas or towns (" Boston "," Chicago "," Europe ", etc.) decided to stick a pencil in the world map. The result - Mexico, Tabasco State (English - "Tabasco"), "- remember the" Tabasco "Gediminas Norvaišas vocalist. The group's guitarist and songwriter and Edmund Noreika prisipažįsta that if asked, and "Tabasco" sauce origin - it appears he invented in that Mexican state - Tabasco. Musicians laughs that sugalvoję the name of the group, added to its menu and cocktails with the "Tabasco" sauce, which has already nesykį gurkšnojo with his buddies. (Cocktail Ingredients: sweet syrup, vodka and Tabasco "sauce.)" Our music is like a cocktail - a sweet, and to add a pop style, and a sharp rock, "- says the singer of the group Gediminas Norvaišas. Composition of the group from its foundation has remained the same. "Tabasco" members of the official live Plunge, but tend to be called a group of Klaipeda - port, and they usually perform. "This does not mean that we do not like his native city. Simply there is not nobody - can say that we are there only to night, returning after the concert", - says the musician. The first album "The Way" "Tabasco" recorded in 2002, it released the spring "JAM Records." In the same year, the singer and Klaipeda Deivis real audio album, which he recorded together with a group of "Tabasco." "The main advantage of the group - that always played live - said" Tabasco ", -" We nesmerkiame fonograminių groups, however, believe that they should at least sing live. Disappointing and the fact that the singers in clubs žiopčiojantys more welcome than the live group, because of live concerts cost more than fonograminių. " Group members listen to different styles of music - from classical to jazz. "Obviously, independent music always has an impact on the group style" - does not conceal the musicians, the music of identifying "poproku." "We - as an intermediate link between the old and new music. Supermodernūs We are not, but we are not completely unsustainable, and the records of use of modern musical expression," - says a group of songs by Edmund Noreika. Groups vocalist Gediminas Norvaišas reputable projects are involved in the "great diversion." He does not dispute, that participation in these events has contributed to the "Tabasco" popularity. "It gave new impressions, experiences, dating, has allowed himself to try another amplua. Is that helped the popularity of the group, it is difficult to measure. However, these events through my face was often seen on television, the press, but because the country was referred to the group and the" Tabasco "name "- says Gediminas Norvaišas. Musicians say that most fans are there, where usually performs: Klaipeda, Siauliai, Vilnius, Plunge, etc. "We have a few faithful fans - the hall is often noticing the faces that we have already seen their concerts at once," - said the group guitarist Edmund Noreika. Who listens to "Tabasco" song? "And the students, and students, and our peers," - has no doubt the musicians. The group "Tabasco" is not pelniusi any awards, but the musicians say they are playing outside of "our greatest achievement - the creation of our albums to buy and listen to the fans. The high places never nekovojome - the biggest achievement is that we participate in the big musical events as the Sea holiday projects "Whale Show", "Songs of the Sea." However, more recently, LNK broadcast Nm ³ "Tabasco" was assisted by a performer Sam Milby, the successful against the Latvian group "C-Stones." In addition, a group of "Tabasco" is even twice performed in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. "Although the romantic music in Lithuania is a lot, but believe that we have a distinctive sound of the records, and playing live for us, and what you love. We like a delicate musical instruments ringing ratio. Most love the sound very comfortable on stage, we try to convey the quality and the listeners. For this we receive compliments from both fans and fellow musicians from the ", - said the group leader, Gediminas Norvaišas. Members of the group says will never become famous scandals did not attempt to aid, but the future does not intend to do so. "Pasiskandalijam" unless mutually - rehearsal or recording studio - musicians kidding, a lot of time to spend together. The group "Tabasco" can not complain about the concert - during the week, the musicians hold 3-4 meetings. "Perform very often, mostly in clubs - such as" Broadway, "" Kurpiai "," Forum Palace "," Jonio shelter "and others.", - Says of his music pragyvenantys "Tabasco" members. Discography: 2002 "Vienintelis kelias" ("Jam records", CD ir MC) 2004 "Pakeliui" ("Zuzi records") 2006 "Šiandien arba rytoj.." („Zuzi records")

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