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Tactical Sekt is an aggrotech / harsh ebm act from the United States formed in 2002 by Anthony Mather. They are known for their powerful, noisy, dark electronic sound similar to Suicide Commando or Hocico. Mather previously had experience with electro-industrial music in his former band, Aslan Faction. After some time, Aslan Faction stopped performing live and making new music, which persuaded Anthony Mather to devote himself totally to Tactical Sekt. The album Geneticide was soon put out and it featured, as Ant said in one interview: "...mostly songs that didn't fit into Aslan Faction music profile...". Soon after Geneticide in 2003, Burn Process was released. The music and the atmosphere was much more euro-trance alike, emphasizing that Aslan Faction days were over. In the following years Tactical Sekt were mostly performing live and doing remixes for other acts. In spring 2006, Syncope was released. In August of 2010, the band announced that after a long wait, a new album was in the works. There is no working title yet released. Current Members: Anthony Mather Jay Taylor Robert Schott Johnny Bonnett Previous Members: Marco Gruhn (2003-2010) Beam (2003-2004) Discography: 2003 - Geneticide 2003 - Burn Process 2006 - Syncope

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