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*There is a couple of artists/bands with the same name. #1 soundcloud | youtube | facebook | twitter Founded: March 2011 Hometown: Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada Genre: progressive metal | math metal | progressive rock Contact Info: tactusmusic@gmail.com Band Rodney (Rondo) DuPlessis - Vocals Adrian Barnes - Guitar/Vocals Alec Dobbelsteyn - Guitar Alex Daigle - Drums Steve Parish - Bass Bio In spring of 2011, friends and classmates Alex, Rodney, and Adrian decided to put their heads together and all brought some working material to the table. After two years of playing and writing, and with the addition of friends Alec and Steve, Tactus is ready to share their labor of love with the world! A legion of Kanadian musicians and friends from Frederictonian bands of olde have come together to do glorious battle with their metäl music. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #2 ‘So awesome I literally shat myself’ – William Shatner Yes, with tunes so subby they caused a cult icon to shit in his pants, Tactus (Andrew Rankine) fuses an eclectic blend of dub reggae, amen breaks, and danceable four-to-the-floor dubstep grooves to get you skanking. Also a well known Edinburgh DJ, playing at nights such as Jungle Dub, Beta and Digital Dub. For more info and free tuneage, check: http://tactusmusic.net

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