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(For the Korean boy band, see 테이크.) Take is a name of at least four other artists: [1] A pseudonym Los Angeles, CA, USA, based composer Thomas Wilson (aka Sweatson Klank), who continues to push the boundaries of instrumental hip-hop music into new directions. After multiple successful EP's under his belt, Take finally unleashed his début full length player in 2007, Earthtones and Concrete. This music is nothing short of an epic journey with continuously evolving collages that lead the listener down a dust covered road of bit-crushed melodies and molested jazz samples. Songs coated in emotion and rich in cinematic quality who’s auras’ retain the heavy burden of urban streets. The 30 years-old multi-instrumentalist/DJ/producer describes his music as "rooted in hip-hop but on a spaceship headed for a new and better place... somewhere out there". After studying music engineering and composition at The Evergreen State College in Washington, Take returned to Los Angeles to dive in and focus solely on music. In the last several years, he has composed and produced multiple 12" EPs and remixes for labels such as ButterMilk, Poobah Records, Astro Lab, Eat Concrete and more. He also recently completed scoring original music for New Line Cinema’s King of Kong and Clint Eastwood: A Life in Film. Also, Take joined with the Dublab family for which he regularly delivers mixes and DJ sets. Take has long been at the centre of an ever growing scene of talented musicians/producer/DJs in the Los Angeles area. As a co-founder of the legendary beat showcase night Sketchbook, he has fine crafted his DJ sets for the last 10 years and also adapted his own compositions for an interesting live performance. Using a laptop, synths, samplers, guitar pedals and any gadget available to re-create his music, Take’s live sets strive to be more than just a guy staring at a laptop. He is also currently working with producer/keyboardist Black Monk to bring even more interaction into the live setting, aiming to eventually have an interchangeable group of musicians and producers performing these songs. Take has been fortunate enough to share the stage, whether DJing or performing live, with artists including: Prefuse 73, Mos Def, Daedelus, Caural, Nobody, Ammoncontact, Scienz of Life, Flying Lotus, Ta'raach and edIT. Sites: Discogs. [2] A Las Vegas, NV, USA, hardcore / metal band. Their lyrics send positive and honest messages to their fan base and contain strong political stands / beliefs. [3] A Denver, CO, USA, garage / punk / synth / dance music project, with intense image-driven lyrics taking on politics, philosophy, religion, money, war, fear and the way people treat each other. Their eponymous first album was released in 2009. Take's dedication to the craft of songwriting, their multi-layered arrangements, and their frenetic live shows make them one of the few bands whose energy, appeal, and cultural relevance are equally matched. Band members are Erich Auber (guitars, synth, programming, bass, vocals), Adam Arscott (bass, guitars, synth, vocals) and Jesse Livingston (vocals, synth, guitars). [4] A Japanese composer and arranger who collaborated with several doujin music circles (mainly XL Project) and owns his own doujin music label, Thermosphere. Not active since 2006.

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