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Tank has been into music since I was sperm . At school he spent more time listening to his Sony Walkman and day dreaming about Dj'ing to huge crowds rather than doing the work he should of been doing, however he was blessed enough to get his breaks at the right time especially when dance music was at its peak. From 89-94 Rave music or Oldskool as they call it now had a major impact on the youth in the UK and it wast long before it branched out to warehouses and illegal premises. "I spent my teenage years buying records with the little money I had or recording pirate radio stations onto dodgy TDK tapes just to keep up with the scene, it was almost an obsession and I was totally infected with the breaks and bleeps". After leaving school the local record shop he spent all of his wages in had a staff vacancy and because he knew the manager so well he offered it to Tank first....so he quit his boring factory job to earn £50 a week less working in a record shop where he would spend all of his wages anyway. " I was still skint and fiddling my bus pass to save money getting to work but I was living my dream and rubbing shoulders with club promoters and Dj's on a daily basis which created a lot of opportunities and long term friendships". After a couple of years the underground dance scene was stronger than ever and what was a small record shop flourished into one of the leading underground dance distributions called Future Vinyl Ltd. Tanks job role changed some what and rather than selling records to the wannabe Dj's like himself Tank was advising the biggest Dj's on what tracks and labels were the pick of the bunch and he made big friends very quickly. "My first real break was when an up and coming Dj/Producer named (Dj Hixxy), took me under his wing for my first real studio experience". Tank released his first track on the biggest Hardcore label at the time Essential Platinum Records and it was a big seller. Tank received good reviews in the current dance magazines which caught the eye of Chris Grayston a big promoter and owner of Fusion Records. Tank met Chris a few times as his record label was being distributed by Future Vinyl but then one Friday afternoon he gave Tank a call and explained that he was at one of his huge events in Bath and the 12'oclock booking (Dj Dougal) couldn't make it and he couldn't get anyone else this short notice so did Tank fancy it, "It was all so unreal but remember it like it was yesterday. I made that 4hr trip to Bath with 20mins to spare and rocked the 4000 strong crowd, needless to say my career went supersonic from that point onwards". Tank has Dj'd at Helter Skelter, Dreamscape, Fusion, Ministry of Sound, Noise Bleed and many other and have rubbed wax with the best including Dj Sy, Dj Slipmatt, Dj Hixxy, Dj Dougal, Dj Clarkee, Vinylgroover and have produced released and co managed many record labels such as Hect-Tec, Hectic, Red Wax and Quosh records. "The only advice I would give to anyone trying to make it big is make your own luck".

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