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Tanzwut biography

Berlin, Germany (1998 – present) Tanzwut is a German industrial metal/medieval band. The name means "dance rage". The band's sound can be recognised by their heavy use of bagpipes and the occasional influences from electronic music. Originally the band was comprised of members from the medieval band Corvus Corax. In 2010, Tanzwut and Corvus corax separated with Teufel remaining the only founding member on Tanzwut. The current line-up of Tanzwut is: - Teufel (vocals, bagpipe) - René (guitar) - Der Zwilling (bass, bagpipe) - Pyro (bagpipes, shawm) - Thrymr (bagpipes, shawm) - Oually (keyboard, e-drums, drums) - Shumon (drums) In 2011, Tanzwut started playing fully medieval shows in addition to their rock concerts. On those medieval shows, the band is complemented by Holzwurm (bagpipes). Since autumn of 2011 Oually already had replaced Jagbird on keyboard and drums. In 2012, Ardor and Martin Ukrasvan left the band for other projects. Pyro and René were welcomed in Tanzwut.

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