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Library TEMA released their debut album "Prosto Ya Fanatka" (I'm Just a Fan) on Nikitin Records in 2005. TEMA released their 2nd album "Zolushki (Cinderellas)" in 2011. Both albums are available on all electronic stores, such as: iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Zune What does TEMA mean? TEMA means "Topic" so we tried to name our project something which would compliment this idea, and make people say "Yes! THAT's The Topic!" A topic of something interesting, of course. Although, we can't always please everyone. We have or loyal fans and our haters. Our Past: TEMA's singers change when they grow older. We replace them with different singers when this happens. TEMA started in 2004 when Sasha Anohina and Nastia Kotova were fans of the Russian Pop Group "SMASH!!!" and wanted to become famous so they could meet them. These were our first singers in TEMA. They recorded our debut song "Kto, Esli Ne Ya?" (Who, If Not I?) which became famous world-wide because t.A.T.u. fans assumed it was a t.A.T.u. song, as the voices sounded similar. We eventually earned the love and support of many fans and created our loyal army from around the world. Our other singles, like "Lyubov Vnutrivenno" (Love Intravenously) "ETO TEMA!" (How Cool!) and "Radiatsia" (Radiation) quickly gained radio rotation, and we were no longer confused for any other group out there. TEMA became an international project, which is demonstrated on YouTube where we have thousands of fans from almost every area of the world. Letters from fans come to the producers of the project in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and French. TEMA was the creator of a new style of music... MUSIC FAN's ART. Because of TEMA, many of our fans decided to try and do the same thing of becoming famous to meet their idols. CPG TEMA includes TEMA's producer and other people associated with the project. CPG TEMA deals in many different types of creative endeavors. You can contact CPG TEMA by emailing them at the following addresses: For business in Russian, please email supertema@gmail.com For business in English, please email freddy@supertema.ru CPG TEMA's official website can be found at www.supertema.ru

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