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Temptation biography

The Temptation is one of the most recent projects on Progressive Trance in Brazil. It was founded in the first trimester of 2006, with a purpose of showing an interesting and virtuous mixture of electronic and acoustical, rescuing the values of the Brazilian popular music, as the great masters of the psychedelic culture, the Pink Floyd. Represented by DJ CH5 (Rodrigo Salomão), one of the pioneers of the Progressive scenario in the country and also by Gustavo Ribeiro (Foka) who came from the project Full On, Hydraulic Live Percussions ,together with the guitarist Jair Santiago, who have several works released in rock and electronic music, and the percussionist Raphael Mira (Ex Alma Djem & Hydraulic) have being indicated by respected and specialized media in E-music, as one of the great revelations at the moment, after a remarkable presentation during the Festivals Universo Paralello, Cachoeira Alta Dance Festival and Trancendence. The individual experience of the artists, in the most diverse kinds of music styles like classic, rock and reggae brings to the project very peculiar characteristics, especially noted in the live presentations. In 2008 the project was invited to join the German label Iono Music.

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