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Tempus Fugit: (1) An atmospheric cold pop band from France; (2) A Brazilian progressive rock band; (3) A Black/Thrash Metal band from the Netherlands (4) Canadian Progressive Rock Band. (1) Tempus Fugit's atmospheric cold pop explores the complexity of the Human Soul through the simplicity of their beings. The band is formed by guitar players Francis and SirDek (both Tryoxyn former members), T.O.D playing bass and the vocalist Claire. 2006 turned to be a new beginning as Guillaume replaced TOD and Aurélie has taken care of the singing since Claire's departure. "The Velvet Cell" is a witness of the evolution of the old members that met the new ones. (2) Playing an elaborated music, Tempus Fugit is one of the references in Brazilian progressive rock scene. Current line-up is Andre Mello, Henrique Simoes, Ary Moura and Andre Luis. (3) The band, playing black/thrash metal, was formed in 2003 in Sliedrecht (The Netherlands). They released two demos, Shadowlords and Realm Of Suffering, under name Tempus Fugit. Then changed name to Nachtwraak.

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