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Ten After Two was a post-hardcore band from Sacramento, California, United States. In the fall of 2010 they put out their EP called "Behind Locked Doors" and in March 2011 their full-length called "Truth Is..." got released. Delivering a slammin new sound to an already over saturated metalcore scene, Sacramento, CA's own Ten After Two packs a powerful punch and catchy hooks that will leave you wanting more. With an average age of 17, Ten After Two is looking to have quite a bright future ahead of themselves. After recording their EP "If You Don't First" in early 2010, Ten After Two was quickly swept up by Portland, OR's Rise Records while most members were still attending high school. Fast forward a year later and this break through act already has an EP and brand new full length album "Truth Is..." on shelves in stores across the country. Members: Sean Wall - Vocals Vinny Adorno - Vocals/Drums Pat Hennion - Lead Guitar

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