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Ten Typ Mes, also known as Mes (real name Piotr Szmidt) is a Polish hip-hop artist born in 1982 in Warsaw, Poland. He started out his musical career as a member of Flexxip, at first a four member band and later on only Mes and Emil Blef. His first appearances on productions are connected to "Muzyka Klasyczna" by Pezet, "Al-hub" by Red and vinyl compilations where he appeared with Flexxip and 2cztery7. An important moment in his career was an appearance on Kodex by Magiera and L.A. together with Emil Blef (as Flexxip) and Pezet. In 2003 he released Ten Typ Mes i Emil Blef: Fach, a full length album released by T1-Teraz label. Along with the album he released three singles: Oszuści z Ciechem, List and Szukam Tego $. Many considered it the best hip-hop album on the Polish scene in 2003. One year later he re-appeared on an album by Magiera and L.A. Oczy Otwarte, a track he collaborated on with Numer Raz known from Warszafski Deszcz, promoted the album as a single. In 2004 an argument between Mes and Mezo occurred. Mes did not like the fact that Mezo often shortened his name to Mez which was very similar to Mes. An important factor was the fact that Mes viewed Mezo's hip-hop as a commercialized music for the masses. At the end of 2004 Mes appeared on two more albums: Dobra Częstotliwość by Praktik and Tak Zapomnieć by O$ka. In 2005 he appeared on several productions including albums by Praktik and Eldo. In 2006 T1-Teraz released his first solo album titled Alkopoligamia. Two versions of the album were released: regular and a special, two disc version, which contains additional remixes. Several rappers made guest appearances on the album. In 2011 he released his third solo album titled "Kandydaci Na Szaleńców". Two versions of the album were released: regular and special, with bonus disc (22 tracks) On the album we can hear: Pih, Stasiak, Pjus, Wdowa and Zeus as a guests.

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