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Tenebra biography

1.) With two vinyl releases on Leet Recordings and Sudden Def Limited, CD releases on Pride Recordings and Respect Records and with numerous mp3 releases on labels such as Combat, Intersection, Flight, Utopia and Soundkraft, he can no longer be called an unknown artist. The tune "Dominatrix" by Tenebra (aka Flame and Lex) had been long planned for the labels Microb and Lust Recordings 2.)Tenebra come from Prostějov (Czech Republic). Band playing Rock / crossover with electronic elements. Current Line Up : Gabriela V.G. - vocal, Maré Image - quitar,progs, Těch Grepl - bass, ZeD - drums Official website : http://www.tenebra.cz/ 3)Tenebra is a Black Metal band from Italy that formed in 2001 4.)Tenebra (Bra) - Dark Metal from Brazil (Fortaleza, Ceará) 5.). Tenebra (Che) - Power Metal from Switzerland (Zug) 6.). Tenebra (Ger) - Thrash Metalfrom Germany (Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia) 7.) Tenebra (Esp) - Heavy Metal from Spain (Castro-Urdiales, Cantabria) 8.) Tenebra (Lbn) - Melodic Black/Extreme Gothic Metal from Lebanon (Beirut) 9.) Tenebra (Mex) - Death Metal from Mexico (Durango)

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