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Biography Born in Tokyo in 1971. Real name, Atsushi Shirakawa. Atsushi Shirakawa is a Japanese music composer from Tokyo, Japan born in 1971. He worked in the Nihon Falcom Corporation as one of the members of Falcom Sound Team J.D.K.. During his time with Falcom, he has composed much music for Falcom games, most notably Brandish. Having known Makoto Shinkai as a coworker in (minori works)he has composed music for Shinkai's works Main work Video "Chasing the star child" (2011) "Wanderer technique" (2011) "The World God Only Knows" (Color miracle "once only" Insert Song Episode 4 2010, ending the first "") "Ef -. A tale of melodies" (2008) "Ef -. A tale of memories" (2007) "Cat's rally" (in Anikuri 15) (2007) "5 centimeters per second" (2007) "Beyond the Clouds, The Promised Place" (2004) Voice "Hoshino" (2001) "She and her cat" (1999) Game "Perseus The brave under the summer sky summer sky" (2012 minori) "STORY # para spin 01 Spring Has Come!" (2012 minori) "Eden *" (2009 minori) "Ef -. A fairy tale of the two" (2006-2008 minori) "Footsteps of Spring" (2004 minori) "Fragments of the angel" (2003 io) "Mizuno Kakera" (2001 io) Image Album "Knot heart" (2007 Frontier Works) "Conclusion Fragments" (2006 Frontier Works) OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.den-gaku.net/

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