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Tenochtitlan biography

Tenochtitlan is a "virtual" project, as all the musicians live in different parts of Russia. Because of this, the musicians simply record their parts of the music then send them to each other. According to Senmuth and Lefthander (who were the ones to think of the concept), Tenochtitlan's music is about the greatness of ancient Mayan culture. They released their debut album, "Epoch of the Fifth Sun" in 2005 on Metalism Records. The current line-up is as follows: Senmuth - Growling, Music, Guitars, Programming Eresh - Clean vocals, Music Brutal Harry - Music, Programming Lefthander - Growling, Music Johny Ratsen - Female vocals Tenochtitlan Discography 2005: Epoch of the Fifth Sun 2006: Chac Och-Ut 2007: Tezcatl

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