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Tensi Love (텐시 러브) is South Korea's Shibuya Kei style electronica band under Pastel Music. Band members consist of Jihoo Go (고지후) (vocal), Hwang Ye-jun (황예준) (composer) and Jeon Eunsu (전은수) who recently joined the group and will serve as the second vocal. They released their first single, containing main title "My Time" and "Hoo-Hoo". The main vocalist, Jihoo Go, was very famous on Korean websites because of her beauty and early demo pictures for the music video. They debuted in 2006, under Pastel Music with the digital singer "My Time", with a follow up album, Music is Allaround. Four years later, in 2010, they debuted in Japan under LD&K label with the release of the album Cake House.

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