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Tension biography

There are (at least) TEN Tensions. 1Tension : heavy/power metal band from Baltimore(USA) formed in 1984 by Tom Gattis (Wardog/Ballistic) and released only one full-length album Breaking Point in 1986. 2) A Straight Edge Hardcore / Punk band from POMPANO BEACH, Florida, US released by Uprising Records (Sean Muttaqi) as well Endless Fight Records. 3) Tension (咻比嘟華), a Taiwanese male asian pop group known for their acapella and slow songs. Drafted by Taiwan superstar David Tao, the five members herald from different areas of the world, from Korea to the United States. They released 4 major albums between 2001 and 2004 and have subsequently broken up due to disputes with their record label. 4) Tension, a club/vocal house project of late 80's/early 90's, who had a big club hit with their "It's a place called heaven". 5) Tension are a four piece Melbourne based Australian technical/nu-metal band, sharing similarities with bands like Deftones, Meshuggah and Isis. They released a self titled EP in 2002, and an album "The Blind Leading the Deaf Following the Dumb" in 2005. 6) TENSION: PUNK ROCK. From Leamington Ontario, Canada. As far as I know they are active now still. 7) Tension: Punk/Pop from Rhinebeck, New York. 8) Tension is a deathcore band from Guadalajara, Mexico comprised of Memo - Voz Fher - Bateria Benja - Guitarra Kisi - Guitarra Charlie - Bajo 9) Thrash metal band from New Plymouth, New Zealand circa 1989-1993. Formerly Das Unter Mensh. Released ep Sound As a Weapon, single Dead Souls and Winning Hearts and Minds as Das Unter Mensh. Played with Sepultura at Auckland Town Hall 1992 and toured with Pungent Stench 1993. Most band members too stoned to care anymore split soon after. 10) A power violence/ grind core band from the Los Angeles area that released a demo in 2011

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